Here is some of the feedback we have received from our readers!

I've explored your book, I think it's fabulous and would like to take copies to Japan as gifts for some of our company's most valued clients there

Des Lawlor - When CEO of Ranvet, acknowledged international leader in equine nutrition, feed supplements, vitamins, minerals and veterinary medications

Your book is an outstanding workpiece for all levels of enjoyment. It is in the top level of works I have read relating to racing or any other sporting books. 'I consider your work will educate old, young and even the unborn for decades into the future

Vin Lewis - Esteemed Adelaide sporting journalist who specialised in thoroughbred racing over several decades

A monumental work..If you are at all interested in the development of the horse from ancient times until the present and the history of breeding both overseas and in Australia and New Zealand there is more than enough reading material to keep even the most avid reader happy.

Garry Robinson - Publisher/Editor of Horse Racing Australia and wagering systems expert

You have done a fine job for so many who have interests in horse racing and breeding

Ian Reddy - Senior reader and racing enthusiast

This book is a must for serious horse racing enthusiasts. Tim Gard has put a lot of time and effort into detail. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and it will be no surprise to see the book’s popularity overseas

Mal James - Senior racing journalist, form analyst, Australian Racing Hall of Fame Selection Committeeman

The title of this far-reaching book, "the Blood the Soil the Gold", says a great deal about the essence of racing and breeding thoroughbreds, and of their history – ancient and modern. The scope of the book will enlighten many people, including the regular participants and fans of racing and breeding.

Certainly readers will be drawn that much closer to "The Sport of Kings". 'There are various references and examples within these pages that I am certain will entertain and inform readers on the universal courage of the thoroughbred. The innovative colour charts presented in the middle chapters, depict the evolution of the foundation sire lines from their origin over 300 years ago, and are an eye-opener and a glowing example of how "a picture can paint a thousand words".

Very few people are aware of the full story of the thoroughbred from its ancient origins through to the period when horseracing first became known as "The Sport of Kings". The reason for the sport (now an industry) receiving this noble title also becomes much clearer. In "the Blood the Soil the Gold", the reader is able to build an understanding of this story as the early chapters cover each significant period. 'Additionally, readers will gain an interesting insight into the way the thoroughbred has indeed spread across the globe and how the historic bloodlines can be traced accordingly.

An entertaining and enlightening piece of writing and information.

The late Bart Cummings AM - 12 times Melbourne Cup winning trainer

Even those who have been in the Industry for many decades, as I have, can become "rusty" in regard to some of the history and background. For this reason I commend this book to the purists as well as to others. 'Whilst readers will discover a definite flow in early chapters, there are other chapters of individual significance. One of these is a testimonial to Makybe Diva, which contains some facts surrounding my original discovery and selection of the champion mare's mother, Tugela. The chapter has an account of the events that transpired to bring the mare's filly foal, her firstborn, to our shores in Australia. That foal, later to be called Makybe Diva, has reached unimaginable heights in her career. 'Finally, I am pleased that Tim Gard has aimed at making the tracing of sire lines that much more "user friendly" with his use of his "EquinaTRACE" colour schematics. This aspect of his book will be useful to many and importantly, make it that much easier for relative newcomers to the subject of thoroughbred breeding to bring themselves up to speed. 'Many readers will not only gain pleasure from their initial read of "the Blood the Soil the Gold" but also will find it a worthwhile reference piece

John Foote - Director of highly successful bloodstock agency, John Foote Bloodstock Pty Ltd - importer of the Makybe Diva family to Australia

How you found time to research such a large number of facets of the racing industry and its history I shall never know

The late David R. Coles AM - Celebrated auctioneer and bloodstock expert and longtime close associate and manager for the Sangster family

The first thing I noticed was that this was a labour of love

John Tapp - one of Australia's greatest ever racecallers and journalists

I could assist you (the author) towards a PhD on the subject as ‘the Blood the Soil the Gold’ provides a substantial basis

Prof. Wayne Bryden - Professor of Animal Science | School of Agriculture and Food Sciences | UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA