About the Blood the Soil the Gold

Not just a book..but an enlightenment about the centuries of association of mankind and the horse.. an experience in the reading and an invaluable reference piece for thoroughbred enthusiasts

  • A world first book on the global history back to the Crusades and Henry VIII, profile and genealogy of the thoroughbred racehorse, commencing with the stories of three supreme foundation sires of the 17th Century

  • A book that will be enjoyed by any horse lover

  • A book that will lead to even more love and enjoyment of the wonderful sport of horse racing

  • The thoroughbred reference book of a lifetime

  • What makes the great horses great and the great races so vital in the building and strengthening of the breed

  • Where is the breed going

  • Bringing to life some of the great horses found in today’s pedigrees.. their lives, their photographs

  • Featuring 'EquinaTRACE', a 20 pages colour schematic of the magical interconnecting bloodline story of the thoroughbred stretching back to the 1600s, and the bloodline spread across all the main continent

  • A percentage of revenue of this book favours the NATIONAL JOCKEYS’ TRUST (Australia), refer ‘Beneficiaries’, introductory pages xvi and xvii

  • National Jockeys Trust in Australia

    Part-proceeds from profit favour the National Jockeys' Trust in Australia, 'established in 2004 for the purpose of providing funds and other benefits for the relief of the financial difficulties and needs of jockeys (including apprentice jockeys) and their families, especially where such needs arise through serious injury, illness or death of a jockey'.

    Special Thanks

    Tim's special thanks go to:

  • Simon Ortlepp, for his skill and input to produce the illustrations and graphics

  • Family members - sister, Deb (proofreading and indexing), late father Alf (various items of content and accuracy) and late mother, Jay (grammatical), each of whom used their professional talents to assist. (A complete listing of acknowledgements is presented in the early part of the book.)

  • Starburst Publishing, for typesetting and compilations

  • 'the Blood the Soil the Gold' is dedicated with love to Tim's wife, Jane, and sons, Antony and Toby.
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