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About the Book

A world-first book of its kind, with a foreword by one of the all-time racing legends, Bart Cummings AM and a testimonial chapter to one of the greatest racemares..Makybe Diva

A book correctly marketed as the 'Thoroughbred Bible'.  It captures the 'genesis' of the breed around the times of the Crusades a millenium ago, the 'exodus' as the thoroughbred migrated from Europe to North America and beyond and there is a series of chapters that each could be termed mini-books on the various slants of this fascinating member of the equine species.

It encompass the drama-packed history, global bloodline spread, vital idiosyncrasies and future outlook of the thoroughbred racehorse breed, now passionately embraced by more than 50 major racing countries around the world.

The author adopts a flowing discussion style from the very beginning, often drawing the reader's attention to the unlikely yet unbroken relationship between the thoroughbred and man.  One discovers aspects of the breed that simply can't be understood from a day at the races or even a lifetime at the races for that matter.

The author sets out to paint a picture that forever will hang in the minds of those even slightly interested in horse racing or breeding.  This added dimension of knowledge and understanding will of course stand readers in better stead to derive more from their expereinces around the thoroughbred.

450 quality pages • a genuinely valuable and entertaining reference piece • highlights include a most informative chapter on the vital role played even to the present day by the monarchies of Europe in the continuous improvement of the breed, validating the caption "Sport of Kings".

Author, Tim Gard, has presented the evolution and refinement of the thoroughbred, following copious research into the countless intricacies. In particular, he has devised EquinaTRACE™, a unique colour schematic, depicting the strengthening and weakening of the thoroughbred's bloodlines over the 300 years span of registered stud books. Patent attorneys researching this concept have advised that no evidence has been found of a precedent for such an illustrative format for any species.

This ground-breaking tome comes in two forms, soft and hard cover (latter is very limited in stocks).

National Jockeys' Trust in Australia

Part-proceeds from profit favour the National Jockeys' Trust in Australia, 'established in 2004 for the purpose of providing funds and other benefits for the relief of the financial difficulties and needs of jockeys (including apprentice jockeys) and their families, especially where such needs arise through serious injury, illness or death of a jockey'.

About the Author

Tim Gard initially studied Veterinary Science for five years in Sydney in the 1960s-70s, later graduating with Honours in marketing and serving in prominent executive positions in racing and financial services. His deep interest in thoroughbred breeding and racing took him across the world in his early life. One of his treasured memories is that of being hosted by the famous Vincent O'Brien family at Ireland's Coolmore Stud.

Tim's fascination with genetics, breeding crosses and successful families led him to producing a book that has truly grasped the essence of the thoroughbred. 'It helps to have studied history in order to make something of the future and this particularly applies to the mysteries and disciplines of equine breeding', he says.

This author's sentiments say it all: 'My whole life has been focused on racing, I hope they have it in heaven.. if I'm welcome up there, because I couldn't live without it!!'. For more information about Tim and to read about the latest thoroughbred news visit Tim's Blog: The Thoroughbred Bible

A Word From The Author

Special Thanks

Tim's special thanks go to:
  • Simon Ortlepp, for his skill and input to produce the illustrations and graphics
  • Family members – sister, Deb (proofreading and indexing), late father Alf (various items of content and accuracy) and late mother, Jay (grammatical), each of whom used their professional talents to assist. (A complete listing of acknowledgements is presented in the early part of the book.)
  • Starburst Publishing, for typesetting and compilations
  • 'the Blood the Soil the Gold' is dedicated with love to Tim's wife, Jane, and sons, Antony and Toby.